4 Reasons Craft Beer is on the Rise


The summer sun has begun and lots of us have dusted off the BBQ’s in anticipation of an outdoor party. Once all the food has been bought, the next step is to secure some cold beverages. Over the last decade, more and more breweries have sprung up around the country and this makes for exciting times for craft beer lovers, or beer lovers in general. But why does craft beer continue to be more and more popular?

  1. Pack a Punch – One of the main reasons craft beer has gone from strength to strength is because of the amount of alcohol it contains. Most mass-produced beers contain 4% alcohol, and this is uniform across the board. When it comes to craft beer the content level goes up. Craft beers typically range from 5 to 10%, making them a lot stronger than mass-produced products. In essence, you get more bang for your buck.
  1. Better Ingredients – If you have ever tired seasonal beer in New Zealand or any other type of craft beer, you will find it tastes a lot different to mass-produced brands. Microbreweries tend to focus more on the process and give it the care and attention it deserves. They are proud of their brand and they want their customers to fully enjoy the experience of consuming a craft beer. In general, they use better ingredients such as organic products.
  1. Wide Selection of Beers – Another great thing about craft beer is that it comes in a wide variety of brands and tastes. There is just so much to choose from, and the options are endless for craft beer lovers. This is what sets them apart from the overall beer market. The Brewers are consistently thinking outside the box to offer customers something new and exciting.
  1. Delicious Taste – Finally, we come to the taste. Although craft beer costs slightly more than other beers, it offers a unique taste that cannot be matched. It holds more flavour, style, variety, and alcohol. Each brand is finely tweaked and tuned to ensure the customer is provided with a unique experience every time they drink.

It is easy to see why craft beer has become so popular. It continues to go from strength to strength because it offers a lot more than mass-produced products can. Craft beer comes in a variety of styles, flavours, and tastes. They are also great for pairing with certain types of foods.