Food Items You May Want To Take Home From Your Holiday In Thailand


Millions of tourists flock to Thailand every year and enjoy fantastic holidays in this beautiful tropical country. Many people love the idyllic beaches and friendly people, and the food is also a firm favourite with many people. If you love the food in Thailand, you may want to go shopping before you head home and fill your suitcase up with some of the delicious offerings you can find n the Land of Smiles. Below are some of the things you can pack in your bag and take the taste of Thailand back home with you.

Delicious Chilli Sauce

The Thais love their chilli, and you can find delicious chilli sauces throughout the country, and even in places like MacDonalds. You can use these to add them to sauces, create dips, or dip your chips in them, and you can get a variety of sauces in the supermarkets throughout the country. Find a Sriracha chilli sauce manufacturer that you like, and then get as many bottles as you can fit in your suitcase, and you will have a ready supply of this delicious sauce.

The Original Red Bull

If you live in Europe, the Red Bull energy drink you get there is quite different to the one you will find in Thailand. If you love your energy drinks, you may want to stock up on the Thai version and take some home with you, as you will struggle to get the Thai recipe in Europe. Most shops will sell this, and there are also similar competitor products you can consider buying.

Take Home Some Chilli Paste

If you love to cook and want to make some delicious Thai food when you get back home, you will want to stock up on the ingredients you will need and pack these in your suitcase. You can get some red chilli paste to cook authentic Thai curry when you get home and enjoy the taste of Thailand in your home. You will be okay to take ingredients like this, but you will not be able to take any meats or fresh fruit or vegetables with you, as these are often prohibited.

Some Delicious Dried Fruit

Although you most probably are not allowed to take fresh fruit back home with you, you can take dried fruit, and there are plenty of options in Thailand. You can get dried bananas, mango, and durian if you can stand the smell and other delicious fruits. You can often find these for sale at the airport, but you can get them much cheaper at a supermarket if you go shopping before you head home.