Maximizing Shelf Life: The Science behind Stand Up Pouch Food Packaging


If You Are a supplier of fresh produce, then having the products expires early could be one of the worst-case scenarios. Not only will it damage the reputation of the brand and business, but dealing with such cases can be expensive. However, extending the shelf life with the help of stand up pouches can help one to get peace.

Benefits Of Maximizing The Shelf Life

Listed below are some benefits one can achieve with extending shelf life.

  • Better quality of produce
  • Rejection of your shipments due to quality
  • Cutting down on wastage and food loss
  • Increase in margin
  • Elevating brand reputation

Causes Of Diminishing Shelf Life

Some of the factors that affect the prolonged shelf life of the produce include:

  • Extreme temperature or frequent temperature changes
  • Presence of moisture and humidity
  • Microbial growth
  • Ethylene exposure
  • Physical harm

Methods To Extend The Shelf Life


One of the easiest processes to extend the shelf life is using stand up pouches while packaging. These can control the product’s microbial growth, respiration rate, and writing. Extending the shelf life results in the extension of seasonality, less food loss, and a better chance of maintaining the freshness of the product.

Handling And Treatment Procedures

One must ensure that the handling methods and treatments do not harm the product. For instance, using treatment methods can contaminate the product immediately. Even minor things can damage the shelf life. Hence, keeping the standard operating procedures becomes crucial for proper handling.

Monitoring Humidity

Humidity monitoring is one of the imperative measures that lead to extending the product’s shelf life. Sometimes, refrigeration can be the reason for humidity loss. Hence, keeping the product under the proper humidity level is necessary. It can reduce the process of shrinking.

Natural Antimicrobials

Using natural antimicrobials like spices, herbs, and plant extracts can help extend the shelf life and prevent product spoilage. A customer would always ask for safer ingredients. Hence, it is suggested to use natural alternatives instead of chemicals.

Individual Items Covered With Smart Stickers

One of the popular products nowadays used as product covering is the plant waste covering. As per the scientific process, a product starts degrading when it uses water through oxidation. Make sure you look for a cover that can help keep the product’s moisture inside while the oxygen. At the same time, some compounds reduce microbial growth and the effects of ethylene. Therefore, trying to cover the item individually and indulge in smart stickers is important.

Bottom Line

Many innovations are going on regarding maximizing the shelf life of produce. Absorbent pads and food trays are one of them. These shelf life and help us to stay healthy. At the same time, we should start switching varieties and look for organic products to reduce our waste and save a lot. Hence, extending the shelf life can help meet the sustainable goals while improving the brand reputation.