Organising A Stranger Things Watch Party At Home


When you and your friends are massive fans of the Netflix TV show Stranger Things, you will have been eagerly waiting for the new series, which is out soon. Instead of watching it at home alone, you may want to organise a watch party so you and your friends can watch it together and discuss everything that happens. You can order the best pizza in Klang Valley, get plenty of snacks and refreshments, and watch your favourite show together and see what happens. Below are some tips for organising the event at home so you and your friends can watch the show comfortably and have fun at your watch party.

Invite All Your Friends

One of the first things you will need to do is make a list of everyone you want to invite that loves the show. You can set up a WhatsApp group, add your friends who love the show and tell them your intentions to have a watch party. Ask everyone you invite to confirm whether they will be there, so you know how many people will attend, and then you can look to plan all the details.

Ensure There Is Plenty Of Seating

You will also need to ensure that everyone is comfortable when they come to your home to watch Stranger Things together with you. It is vital to know how many people will attend to know how many seats you require, and if you are running out of seats, you can also consider putting some cushions and blankets on the floor. You can also use some beanbags to give guests somewhere comfortable to sit if you have them available.

Catering for Your Watch Party

You will also need to ensure you have plenty of food and drinks for your watch party, so you can use your WhatsApp group to ask everyone what they want. You can get a variety of pizzas with everyone’s favourite toppings on, or you can get lots of finger food that people will enjoy eating. You will also need to get in some drinks that everyone enjoys, or you can also ask your friends to bring drinks themselves, and that way, everyone gets what they want.

Now all you need to do is wait for everyone to come around, and you can start binge-watching the latest season and see what happens to your favourite characters. However, you will have to wait for the conclusion of the series, as the last two episodes will not be out until July, so you can always arrange another watch party.